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. . . O.o

Ivan already told me his thoughts about the deal.

First, Pyunma and Jet never really arrived here. I even told Jet how to come here, to no avail. What were you doing in Pére Lachaise, by the way?

Second, one of the Ten Twins gets to see me undress, and I was caught off guard.

Third, Hilda's and Scarl's wehereabouts are comletely unknown. I knew they were coming here, but never ever arrived. Just like Jet and Pynma.

Fourth, the *two* Alberts come here, and even then e couldn't get anything clear.

And now, Ivan and Professor Gilmore tell me that the data they could gather about the two Alberts *completely and absolutely match*. As in, *they're both Alberts*

Like Jet would say, WE'RE SO SCREWED.

And in the end...

I was so NOT seeing things.

Hilda is here. Rather, her ghos's been hanging around us. At first I was the only one able to see her (that's why I thought my eyes were malfunctioning), but soon Albert also could... and things have been Less Than Pleasant for BOTH of them.

I can't help but feeling sorry for them. I do aknowledge that she has been pretty much waiting for him all of this time, and that Albert's reaction is not the Absolutely Best... but at the same time, I can see one important point. She's acting pretty much like you'd expect from a little girl all over her crush (like the sister of one of my co-workers), and such a thing isn't what one would expect for a woman who took the risk of fleeing to West Germany, leaving a whole lifestyle behind to follow a dream that finally never came really true.

I'll try to talk to her and Albert, to see what happens. I don't think I'll be absolutely succesful, but hey - I don't lose nything by trying, eh?

Oh, Ivan is moving in his sleep. Maybe he'll be awake soon, and if he does, I'll ask him for some help. But that comes later. I'll better wait until Joe comes here, then I'll have more people to give me their advice. Since Albert is lately so touchy and weepy and all, and Hilda has come as someone more spazzy and bubble than I thought, it will be REAL hard to figure out what I should do with them.
My Lost Melody
("Je N'En Connais Pas La Fin")

I used to know a little square
Back in Paris when I was small
All summer long it had a fair
Wonderful fair with swings and all
I used to love my little fair
And at the closing, every day
I could be found
Dancing around
A merry-go-round
That used to play:

"Oh, my love...
Yours forever...
In your wide eyes....
Only us two..."

All summer long my little fair
Made every day a holiday
Night after night it used to glare
People came there from far away
Everyone sang the little tune
All over town you heard it played
Even Peppi
From Napoli
He sang to Marie
This serenade:

"Oh, my love...
Yours forever...
In your wide eyes....
Only us two..."

I can't forget my little square
And even though I'm far away
I can't forget my little fair
Maybe it's there, still there today...
Sometimes I hear my little tune
And in a dream of long ago
And in my brain
Ran the little refrain
The old French refrain
I used to know:

"Oh, my love...
Yours forever...
In your wide eyes....
Only us two..."

(( Player Note: This is a translation of Edith Piaf's song "Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin", found here )).
Am I the only one who is kinda... how can I say it... weirded out?

Joe is okay; he just called and told me so. Ivan is in his days of sleep, so it's easy to take care of him. Dr. Gilmore is tired from his work and research, but it's nothing that can't be solved with some sleep and herbal tea (I'm proud of mine; Chang taught me to brew it...)

But Albert... when I visited him in Germany last week. He was okay. But now, he's all so depressed... like those wangsty teens I see from time to time in the subway, all dressed in black and listening to those bands and musicians they like to call "gothic"...

Maybe too much work is also affecting me. I could swear that, few ago, I saw a sort-of ghost in my room while I was ltaking to Albert and Joe. My eyes... I'll ask Dr. Gilmore to check on them. The last fight against Himiko may have altered my senses drastically and I'm still not used to it...

*sighs* Such is the life of a Cyborg lady and now Louvre worker, it seems.


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